Health drinks for weight loss

Health drinks for weight loss

People used to choose many ways to lose their weight like gym, running, dance class, yoga etc.  But along with all these things we need to work out on our diet as well. Here in this article you can find out some easy to make health drink which will help you to lose your weight.

  • Honey & lemon drink – take one glass of warm water, put one scoop of honey & lemon juice, mix it well & take it in empty stomach at early morning. It is my personal experience & people has shared their experience that how this drink helped them to lose weight.


  • Tomato & carrot juice – These two vegetables helps a lot to lose weight, you just need to cut them into small pieces & put them into blender. To give a flavor you can add ginger, pepper or honey or lemon. If you want to invest some money on your health then check Review of Athletic Greens .


  • Green tea – Green tea stimulates metabolism to lose weight, it also has antioxidants which is helpful for digestion. It doesn’t contain calories & higher amount of caffeine, these two factors makes you energetic & helps to lose weight.


  • Fruit juice – fresh fruit juice also a good option to lose weight but you need to choose the right fruit, avoid bananas in your juice. Raspberry, apple, oranges, pineapple, strawberry & grapes can be a good option; it can be blend with milk also.


  • Spinach with coconut water – Take one cup of baby spinach along with vanilla extracts & one of your favorite fruit (excluding banana). Add one glass of unsweetened coconut water & blend it well in a blender, it taste different & tempting with mixed flavors. All the ingredients are very helpful for weight loss.

Health drinks for weight loss


  • Skimmed Milk – skimmed milk used to be calories free, which is very helpful to reduce weight. It contains protein, Vitamin D and calcium which keep your bones stronger. You can also take it as a night drink.


  • Detox water – Water itself is a easiest way to lose weight, we should drink water properly to lose weight but to make the simple water more interesting we have some nice recipes, just check it out.


  • Raspberry, lemon & mint – Store ample amount of water in a jar, seal it tight with a cap. Put 2-3 slices of lemon, 3-4 raspberry & mint. In summers you can also add ice cubes or keep it in refrigerator.


  • Cucumber, green apple & mint – All these three ingredients are a way to reduce your timeless hunger, in that way you eat less & it provides nutrition to your body. You can easily reduce weight from the regular intake of this detox water.


  • Pineapple, mint & lemon – If you are a taste conscious person & a pineapple lover than it could be best detox water for you. Pineapple contains bromelain enzymes to gain your lost energy & the combination of min & lemon helps to reduce weight within few days.